ACE Guaranteed

ACE (Advanced Customer Engagement) is a revolutionary program that guarantees 60+ conquest vehicles sold and much more.

ACE Guaranteed is unlike anything in the market - we ensure that every unit you sell through the ACE program is TRUE conquest.  How do we do that?  It's all about the data.

We will NOT target any of your customers who:

- purchased from your store in the last five years

- visited your service drive in the last 2 years

- or have been added to your CRM in the last 60 days.

That means the sales that ACE generates for your a GUARANTEED to be "fresh" customers that likely bought from one of your competitors in the past.

The ACE Platform utilizes both hi-tech and traditional marketing strategies to grab the attention of active car shoppers and bring them right to your door. 

PLUS - ACE Guaranteed will help turn your lost/dead/inactive CRM leads back into sales through our Customer Reanimation Program.

ACE Guaranteed is a complete turnkey program with a performace guarantee - no outside sales guys, no hassle.  It's technology driven and has been working great for dealerships across the country.

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