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Sales Rules
  1. Never do anything unless you know the next step.  Learn More
  2. What Does This Mean? Always think 2 or 3 steps ahead. Have a plan for where you want a conversation to proceed, so you can achieve the desired outcome. Begin with the end in mind.

  3. Sales = Momentum.  Learn More
  4. What Does This Mean? The best time to call your next prospect is right after you close your last. Take the energy and confidence from the sale and focus on the next.

  5. Assumption is the king of all screw-ups.  Learn More
  6. What Does This Mean? Never assume something was done. Check and recheck. Have processes in place to confirm all the steps were completed to make sure a deal is complete.

  7. The only one that gets paid to read minds is Kreskin.  Learn More
  8. What Does This Mean? Kreskin, the great mind reader was the only one who could, and was paid to read minds. Don't try to figure things out. Ask questions. People respect people who ask questions.

  9. The problem the person brings you is never the real problem.  Learn More
  10. What Does This Mean? Most people are reluctant to tell you the real problem out of the gate. It takes a little time and report to bring out the real problem.

  11. Stop defending, start asking questions.  Learn More
  12. What Does This Mean? Listen to your prospect. Don't try to justify, listen to what they have to say. People respect people who are willing to listen. Ask questions, they will tell you what the real issue is.

  13. Don't get your needs met on a sales call.  Learn More
  14. What Does This Mean? Don't let the prospect make you feel good by raving about your presentation. Don't let the compliments keep you from doing your job of discovering the pain and moving the sales process forward. Your job is to give compliments and close the deal.

  15. Keep responsibility where it belongs.  Learn More
  16. What Does This Mean? Don't handle a problem that is not yours to handle. If the problem belongs to someone else, make them aware of the problem, and assist them in solving.

  17. If you feel it, say it gently.  Learn More
  18. What does this mean? You can say almost anything you want as long as it is in the right tone.

  19. The difference in being persistent and being a pest is permission.  Learn More
  20. What does this mean? Ask the dealer when you should follow up or when would be a good time.

  21. Never trade strokes for money.  Learn More
  22. What does this mean? Don’t get compliments in the place of getting sales.

  23. Do not change you, change the way you do things.  Learn More
  24. What does this mean? You can be who you are, but handle your business differently. Modify your actions depending on the dealer.

  25. You can compress time frames, but you cannot skip steps.  Learn More
  26. What does this mean? You can speed up the process, but do not skip important steps.

Sales Rules
  1. Do not let your style get in the way of your success.  Learn More
  2. What does this mean? Do not let your personality get in the way of your success.

  3. Judge people on content, not on style.  Learn More
  4. What does this mean? Do not judge someone on their delivery or tone; hear what they have to say (content of the message).

  5. The only purpose of your activity is to get results.  Learn More
  6. What does this mean? Do not spend a lot of time on activities that do not move the needle.

  7. People just want to be understood.  Learn More
  8. What does this mean? Relate to the prospect. This means doing more listening than talking; focus on building trust and rapport.

  9. If the competition is doing it, do the opposite.  Learn More
  10. What does this mean? Do not try to mimic competitors. You will stand out from all others if you do not do typical sales stuff. Example: Do not close so quickly.

  11. Salespeople are paid in direct proportion to how they manage their time and accounts.  Learn More
  12. What does this mean? You are not just managing your time; you are managing your paycheck.

  13. Do not be afraid to step on people’s lines.  Learn More
  14. What does this mean? Just because someone says it, does not mean they are 100% accurate. Just do not be confrontational.

  15. Get a marker for everything you do.  Learn More
  16. What does this mean? If you give something up, make the prospect or person aware that you do not normally do this. If you do something special for a client or boss, make sure it does not go unrecognized.

  17. SW3N: Some will, some won’t, so what, next.  Learn More
  18. What does this mean? Some people will not like what you are selling so move on to the next one rather than spinning your wheels. Most importantly, so not let the prospect that said no bring you down.

  19. Persistence is on the call, not after.  Learn More
  20. What does this mean? Natural curiosity. Ask the prospect questions and keep them engaged so that you can uncover their reasons to buy.

  21. People buy for their reasons, not yours.  Learn More
  22. What does this mean? Find out why they might buy verses telling them all the reasons why they should buy.

  23. Do not sell your product before you sell yourself.  Learn More
  24. What does this mean? If someone does not trust you they’re not going to buy. Assume they do not trust or believe you and develop that first.

  25. Do not be afraid to get a “No.”  Learn More
  26. What does this mean? Ask the tough questions, do not shy away from them.

G&A Marketing spends thousands of dollars each year on sales training, which are the foundation of our rules.  Check back monthly for updated rules, or contact us for our sales "playbook".

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