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Respectful.  Talented.  Humble.  Helpful.  Easy to work with.

These are some of the qualities you can expect from a G&A Event Team.  How do we know?  Because G&A invests heavily in recruiting, training, and retaining team members that have these qualities.  And since our teams work for G&A and ONLY G&A, they are held accountable for their behavior week after week.
Dealers have taught us a lot over the years – what they appreciate about our event teams, and, especially, the behaviors they don’t care for.  Some of G&A’s clients have previously run events with “the other guys,” and been turned off by the egotistical, in-your-face, confrontational behavior that seems to be the norm in the industry.
G&A’s clients demand more from our event teams, and we strive to deliver.  From getting your entire staff involved from day one to ensuring that you and your customers are treated with courtesy and respect throughout the event, we want your experience to be as smooth and successful as possible.
Most of our team members have been with us over 10 years, proof that our event teams understand and exemplify the values we stand for.  G&A’s team members have worked for some of the nation's largest dealerships as GMs, GSMs, F&I Managers, and more. Our team members sign exclusivity contracts to work for G&A Marketing and only G&A Marketing. Our teams are accountable for treating customers right before, during, and after each event.
G&A’s event teams are our most valuable asset, and our investment in their continual professional development pays off for our clients.
Zero Tolerance Policy: We value your reputation as much as our own. G&A and its teams adhere to a strict Code of Conduct that protects your best interests.
Team Variety: With a wide selection of teams to choose, G&A offers dealers more opportunity to match the right team to their dealership's personality.
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