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G&A Marketing - The Off-site Tent Event Specialists!

Walmart has decided to NOT allow off-site tent sales at their stores in 2018, but that's no problem! G&A can set up a Used Vehicle Mega Tent Event at virtually any location. You benefit from our Offsite Department’s expertise and experience from conducting HUNDREDS of off-site Mega Car Sales for dealers across the U.S. and Canada.

Unlike a “typical” event at your store, a G&A Off-site Tent Sale allows you to tap into new markets and reach fresh customers, while simultaneously maintaining sales at your permanent location.

Our Car Lot Events create a true buying frenzy which fuels your staff as well as your customers.  A typical offsite Mega Tent Sale generates 81% more traffic, sells 80% more units, and generates 80% more profit than the average in-store event.

WARNING:  Please take our advice and DON’T try to set up an offfsite tent event on your own!  It may sound easy, but between arranging all required rentals, acquiring the proper state permits, city permits, county permits, setting up I.T., and all the safety certifications needed, it’s a great deal of work.  And, your offsite event can be shut down instantly for the smallest infraction or forgotten permit.

Bottom line?  Relax and trust the experts at G&A to set up your Vehicle Mega Tent Sale for you.  We have the experience and relationships to get the job done right, everytime. 

Having G&A Marketing handle your Vehicle Tent Event is a no-brainer.  We handle all the details; all you need to do is bring the cars!

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