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Why Training Still Matters

Three Contributing Factors that Generate Sustained Success


There are many different factors that generate sustained success in the car business.  As we reflect on G&A Marketing's twenty years in the car industry, there are three main contributing factors that are of top interest to Dealer Principals.


Our success revolves around extensive training, specially designed processes, and high quality people.  When you combine the right people with intensive training on specialized processes, great things can happen.


1. Training  

G&A spends tens of thousands of dollars every year on management and salesperson training.  Even our more experienced staff is constantly being trained and retrained.  Sales skills, people skills, and communication skills are re-taught year after year so that the methods, principles, and ideas behind them stay fresh and can be applied to any situation.


Training allows your staff to have the information, tools, and skills they need to perform any job to the best of their ability.  In today's market training is not just a matter of survival; it is what separates high performance companies from those that are forced to close their doors. 


2. Processes 

A second factor in G&A Marketing's success is our arsenal of specialized processes.  Our processes include customized computer systems, detailed checklists, and easy to comprehend forms.  These have been put in place and developed over time to ensure no details slip through the cracks.  These processes help our staff to systematically approach every step of a deal to ensure every event is executed seamlessly and properly.


3. People
At G&A Marketing, we only hire high quality automotive professionals who agree to work exclusively for G&A.  The majority of our team members have been with the company for over ten years and they came to us with ten plus years of industry experience.  We take great people and train them on the G&A processes.  This allows the salespeople and G&A as a company to achieve greatness.


If your dealership can embrace the above principles as steps to success then you will be ready to make the necessary investments.  When you invest in training and establish processes you can leverage the talents already instilled in your staff so that your dealership will thrive. 


Sales Tip of the Month:

The Initial Benefit Statement -  

What's in it for them? 

People buy on emotion. It's your job as the salesperson to trigger those emotions to create interest.


Why should someone consider buying your car? Why should they take the time to hear you out? 

If you don't believe in your product line, no one else will. But believing in what you offer goes beyond having a good mental mindset. Being able to articulate in a clear, concise manner is essential to succeeding in sales.

You must be able to state your initial benefit statement as a universal message. Having a "rehearsed" opening is critical to your success. 

If you were from Publisher's Clearing House and your job was to visit people to give them checks for $1 million, do you think people would stop what they are doing to speak with you for a moment?


Identify what you have in your arsenal, what you physically offer.

Some might say packages, gas mileage or financing are benefits. But these are really features.  


In any sales opportunity three outcomes are possible, not two:

The prospect can either buy your car, buy your competition's car, or do nothing - and make no change.

The advantage is why your car will make their current situation better than it was before- from the customer's perspective, not the salespersons.

A critical difference between advantages and benefits is that an advantage is the customer's interpretation of why a feature is better.


Benefits answers the age old questions customers ask, "What's in it for me?"

A benefit is how your product will help your customers. It's a "translation" of the features and advantages to fit the individual prospect.

Knowing and being able to verbalize benefits of your product separates you from your competition.  Knowing benefits makes you a professional, not just another salesperson. 

 People can't be interested in what they don't know exists.

Used Car Sales Slipped Slightly on Icy Weather
Auto Remarketing

BRADEN, OR. - With a good bit of the country hammered by severe weather, the used-car market last month wasn't quite as solid as it was a year ago, as sales dipped 0.72 percent, according to CNW Research.

That said, franchised dealers bucked the trend, boosting their used-car sales by more than 2 percent.

Overall, used-car sales fell 2.35 million in January 2013 to 2.34 million in January 2014.   

Franchised dealers, however, saw their sales rise 2.4 percent year-over-year with 851,116 used vehicles sold in January 2014.  Independents showed a 0.57 percent decline with 823,945 in sales.

There were 695,087 private party sales, off 4.6 percent from January 2013.

As CNW president Art Spinella explained in a earlier forecast, January can be a tricky month for the used car market.  Sales in the year's opening month don't necessarily indicate what the rest of the year might have in store.

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Ashley Oeder
Media Buyer

Ashley Oeder is G&A Marketing's resourceful Media Buyer.  She is responsible for placing our dealer's a advertising in the appropriate publications to drive traffic for their sales and make the successful.

A graduate of the University of Kentucky in 2012 with a Bachelors in Management, Ashley came to G&A Marketing in 2013.

In her spare time, Ashley is passionate about horses.  She and her horse Oakley trail ride and come summer they will be showing in the local circuit.

Ashley's goal is to help dealers get the best result with their advertising dollars.

Sale Results

G&A's franchise dealer in Alaska conducted an event with 104 cars sold, average gross per unit of $4336, and generated $450,944 in gross profit.

G&A's partner in central Oklahoma had a event with 38 cars sold and turned over 49% of the dealership's inventory.
G&A's large dealer group client in Ohio had a sale with 541 ups, 33 cars sold at an average gross per unit of $4576.

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