G&A Management Rules

Management Rules
  1. Assumption is the mother of all screw ups.  Learn More
  2. What does this mean? Never assume that something got done. Do not assume you can read someone’s mind. Do not assume they understand you. Ask questions to clarify

  3. Learn to take a page out of other people’s playbooks.  Learn More
  4. What does this mean? If you see something working for another rep, client, whoever do not be afraid to use it. Look for inspiration from others.

  5. Keep responsibility where it belongs.   Learn More
  6. What does this mean? Do not try to have answers to everything.

  7. Don't spill your candy in the lobby.  Learn More
  8. What Does This Mean? Think of it this way - your information about your product or service is more valuable the longer you hang onto it. Spend your time asking prospects and customers about their situation as it relates to your product or service.

  9. Close the deal or close the file.  Learn More
  10. What Does This Mean? You've either convinced them or you have not. It is really important to do two things: One is to put it out there, to invite-- very bluntly--observations about where did we either miss, or what questions you still have, where do you think we are wrong, to invite any of those criticisms so that you have a chance to respond to them. One additional thing that's really essential to wrapping up a successful pitch is to always ask for the business. Ask for the deal in a yes or no format. If they say no, move on.

  11. Hope is not a strategy.  Learn More
  12. What Does This Mean? Outcomes are achieved through a combination of focusing on that which we can control and having realistic goals. Simply stated, if we work hard to control the things we can, but expect too much of ourselves and those around us we will likely be disappointed by the outcome. On the other hand, even low expectations may not be met if we do not control our circumstances. These two things must be in balance to attain desired outcomes.

  13. Always get invited in.  Learn More
  14. What Does This Mean? As a professional, you need to remember you a guest seeking an opportunity with your prospect. You want to present the value of doing business with your organization, and be a welcome guest of your client. Always get invited in by building report with the members of the client's team.

  15. Only decision makers can help people make decisions.  Learn More
  16. What Does This Mean? Prospects are people who, just like everyone else, have a way of thinking things out that lead them from not wanting or needing anything to making a decision to buy. We all use that same process when we buy anything. It does not matter whether we are more influenced by facts and logic or feelings and emotions for any particular decision. Either way, the thinking process we go through from not interested to where to do I sign involves the same steps. Providing decisive steps during presentation lays out the answer in the sales process.

  17. Nothing happens until someone takes personal responsibility.  Learn More
  18. What does this mean? Be responsible for making sure stuff gets done. Do not wait for others to get stuff done or assume that it is getting done. If it does not get done, take responsibility that you need to commit more next time.

  19. Judge people on content, not style.  Learn More
  20. What does this mean? Do not judge someone on their delivery; listen to the message.

  21. People that need to change the most, change the least.  Learn More
  22. What does this mean? The person who needs to be coached more and change behaviors will likely be the most resistant to it.

  23. No good news, no bad news – it is just information.  Learn More
  24. What does this mean? Just stick to the facts, do not get caught up in someone’s feelings, emotions, or opinions.

  25. Your greatest strength overextended becomes your greatest weakness.  Learn More
  26. What does this mean? There is a fine line between using your strengths as an asset and when it becomes a weakness. Too much of anything from someone can be over-bearing and lose the interest of those working around you.

  27. You cannot buy heart with a paycheck.  Learn More
  28. What does this mean? There are certain things that cannot be bought: integrity, professionalism, passion for the business. Look for those with heart in the interview and hire those who have it. They are easier to coach.

  29. Never treat brass rings like baseliners.  Learn More
  30. What does this mean? Your top people do not like to be micromanaged. Let them have some freedom and they will take you to new levels.

  31. Once you touch it, you own it.  Learn More
  32. What does this mean? When you get involved in anything someone else is working on, it becomes your project as well.

  33. If you are on track, you work for you. If you are off track, you work for me.  Learn More
  34. What does this mean? If someone is not hitting goals, set up behaviors and rules for them to follow until they are making more money.

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