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Increasing your store's automotive sales numbers is part science, part art, and all about exceptional execution.

We invite you to take advantage of G&A's proven ideas and campaigns that can be an integral park of your car sales marketing strategy. Here are some of the principles that have guided G&A's approach to moving the automotive sales needle for our clients for over 20 years:

You cannot preach to an empty church.

Generating a lot of quality traffic is essential to boosting car dealership sales. Not only does a showroom full of people provide your staff with more automotive sales opportunities, but it also creates an environment full of energy and excitement. Creating this atmosphere we call the "buying frenzy" is a key element to all of G&A's car sales marketing campaigns - whether it is a stand alone event or one of our fully staffed automotive super sales.

The death of direct mail has been greatly exaggerated.

Not only does direct mail still work, but it is working BETTER than ever before at increasing automotive sales. Why? There are several reasons, but here are just a few:
1. More and more of an automotive dealer's marketing budget is being spent on electronic advertising (websites such as and, email marketing, CRM programs, etc.), leaving less and less money for direct mail promotions. With less direct mail in the market, your potential customers are receiving fewer car dealership sales mailers than ever before. That makes YOUR automotive sales message stand out in the mailbox.
2. Direct mail targeting is more sophisticated than ever. With results and data from over 11,000 automotive sales events - from both stand-alone campaigns and super sales - we are experts at helping you reach the right customers at the right time.
3. The automotive direct mailer itself is more interactive and exciting than ever, leading to increased response rates. New envelopes - e.g. clear plastic "clamshells", zippered bank bags, and other innovations - have made well-crafted automotive direct mail almost impossible for the customer to ignore. Moreover, attachements (keys, electronic pull-tabs, etc.) allow potential customers to physically interact with your marketing - something they cannot do with an online campaign.

The value of training and motivation cannot be underestimated.

With the never-ending explosion and evolution of technology, it can be easy to forget one basic fact: automotive sales are still a people business. The face-to-face interaction between your salesperson and the customer is the lifeblood of car dealership sales. Providing your staff with the latest word tracks, tips, and techniques is as essential as having the right inventory. Moreover, getting your staff pumped up, excited, and energized can make the difference between an average month and a record breaking month.
Whether you are seeking a full-service, turnkey automotive super sale or a quick, high-impact autmotive sales promotion, G&A Marketing can deliver for you!
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