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Why a G&A Marketing Staffed Event?

Is your store struggling with any of these common industry problems?

Let us help make your next automotive staffed event a success!

A G&A Marketing automotive staffed event can help eliminate these problems and more. How do we know that? Because our dealers tell us. Dealers like you have seen it happen with their own eyes. A G&A Marketing staffed event is not a magic bullet, but it DOES work.

Unlike most of our competition, G&A has been in business over 20 years, with experienced, trained automotive staffed event teams traveling coast to coast for events every week. You can count on G&A Marketing's road pro teams. Most of our team members have over 10 years' experience and all team members have exclusivity agreements to work only G&A Marketing staffed events. With exclusivity and long-term partnership you get accountability, dependability, and most importantly, you get results.

G&A Marketing's in-house creative team builds custom advertising pieces for each staffed event in order to deliver the best possible message to your target customers. Our media department offers complete breakdowns of each market to ensure the event message is delivered effectively and efficiently. Twenty years' worth of staffed events provides us with data on performance in each market area, so we know how to deliver an event message that maximizes impact and minimizes waste.

You also get the confidence and reassurance of experienced G&A employees working behind the scenes to make sure your event is a home run. With a dedicated staffed event coordinator for each sale, 24/7 support during events, and an event manager at the automotive staffed event, you can be confident that every aspect of your staffed event will run smoothly.

G&A's advertising department will generate great traffic and motivated buyers for your staffed event, and G&A's highly trained, experienced, and professional staffed event teams will bring fresh ideas, proven techniques, and abundant energy to your sales floor. This powerful combination will help you and your staff increase gross profit per unit, clean out your aged inventory, boost energy and enthusiasm, and deliver maximum results - all in just four to five days. Bottom line - staffed events work.

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