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Direct Mail works and your customers want it. 

Unlike other media, automotive direct mail is an “active” format.  Customers may find you online, but a direct mail postcard in their mailbox is a tap on the shoulder that online-only activities do not allow.

While email shares the personal nature of direct mail, emails often get overlooked in crowded inboxes. Plus, customers are conditioned not to open emails from unknown senders for fear of viruses or other technological catastrophes. Plus, automotive mail will not get caught in a spam filter.

When done properly, a good automotive mail piece will stand out even in a crowded mailbox, grab customers’ attention, and incite them to act. That is the intrusive nature of direct mail that no other marketing tactic can emulate.

G&A Marketing's team of automotive direct mail marketing and promotion experts includes data analysts, graphic designers, production managers, and world-class partners. We have no boundaries to limit our ability to optimize your current programs or build entirely new communication streams.  We provide response-focused, results-driven, high-impact direct marketing for the automotive industry.

No matter what automobile advertising or sales goal you are striving to accomplish, G&A can design and implement a campaign that delivers. From cutting edge automotive direct mail to the latest in advanced automotive advertising technology, G&A Marketing has it.

The goal (of course) is to drive the most traffic and buyers into your store per advertising dollar.  With data from over 11,000 of our own automotive marketing campaigns, G&A has a gold mine of information.  We constantly mine this data to test new ideas, measure results, spot new trends and improve our message and targeting.  It’s simple:  Better information = better advertising results for you!

G&A's Automotive Direct Mail Products Include:
• Custom automotive direct mail
• Live in-bound call center/appointment setters
• Direct mail postcards
• Real-time call center website
• Variable (personalized) printing
• Credit Card attachments
• Key attachments
• CodeKase attachments
• Almost any mailing list you could imagine
• Barcode scanning technology & reporting
• Almost any size mailer you can imagine – from postcards to giant mailers
• PURL (personal URL) mailers
• Hundreds of unique gifts to choose from

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