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What sets G&A's strategic targeting apart? 

Let’s face it:  Who you advertise to matters as much as what you advertise.  In other words, hitting the right target is at least half the battle.
For example: to advertise a staffed event, many of G&A’s competitors will send your mail to EVERY household in a given radius – ignoring household income, beacon score, and a host of other demographic data.  Mailing to every household in a given location is called geographic targeting.
But why waste money mailing to people who are NOT your potential customers? At G&A, we have developed a patented system (called MicroSaturation) that combines select demographics with geographic targeting to eliminate neighborhoods that are not likely to be your customers (e.g., household income that is too high or too low, just purchased a new car, etc.). The result is a mailing list of solid potential customers that minimizes waste and maximizes your ROI – all for the same price as simple geographic targeting.
Bottom line? A good mailing list can dramatically increase your response rates. We use top quality data from the best list companies in the business, then provide you with expert analysis based on data from over 11,000 G&A events to make sure your campaign is a success.

G&A's Strategic Targeting Includes:  

G&A MicroSaturation lists (Exclusive Carrier Route Household Income Targeting)
Title Data lists (customer year, make & model) - NEW & IMPROVED
Black Book Data append (true trade-in value of customer’s vehicle)
Automotive Purchase Predictor lists (customers in the market NOW for a specific vehicle brand)
% of Loan Paid off (Equity Position list)
Length of current Auto Loan
APR of current Auto Loan
Beacon Score lists
Discharged bankruptcy lists
Lease Expiration Lists
Loan Expiration lists
Age & Income lists
RV ownership/enthusiast lists
And much, much more!
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