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Protect yourself and your dealership

The rules regarding dealership advertising compliance are constantly changing. Alterations and additions to the regulations are just part of doing business in today’s world.

One thing you can do as a Dealer to ensure your advertising is complient is ally yourself with a partner who keeps track of all the changes for you. G&A Marketing has a full staff of advertising professionals as well as an on staff attorney who have one goal in mind: keeping you and your store compliant with all the requirements.

Federal, State, and Local regulations all play a role in your advertising strategy. The FTC cites three major rules in truth-in-advertising. 

If you play by these three rules, your dealership will avoid FTC compliance issues.

It sounds fairly simple, right? Unfortunately, it is not that easy.  We are here to streamline the process so you can focus on what you do best….selling cars.


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